Examples for Lark

How to run the examples:

After cloning the repo, open the terminal into the root directory of the project, and run the following:

[lark]$ python -m examples.<name_of_example>

For example, the following will parse all the Python files in the standard library of your local installation:

[lark]$ python -m examples.advanced.python_parser

Grammar Composition

This example shows how to do grammar composition in Lark, by creating a new file format that allows both CSV and JSON to co-exist.

We show how, by using namespaces, Lark grammars and their transformers can be fully reused - they don’t need to care if their grammar is used directly, or being imported, or who is doing the importing.

See [main.py](main.py) for more details.

Transformer for evaluating json.lark


Transformer for evaluating csv.lark


# Example Grammars

This directory is a collection of lark grammars, taken from real world projects.

# Standalone example

To initialize, cd to this folder, and run:



Or: `bash python -m lark.tools.standalone json.lark > json_parser.py ``

Then run using:

`bash python json_parser_main.py <path-to.json> `

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